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I saw a wedged shaped craft with very bright lights, approx. 150 feet above the street near my home on December 3,1998 at 11:30 pm.Man, daughter witness peculiar bright white, round light hovering in N sky. Obj. rises, turns, and becomes elongate, disappears.Stationary spacecraft, emitting glowing colored signals that slowly moves horizontally to the east.There was a shiny silver spherical object in the sky that made a rolling turn and disappeared.My dad was a heavy equipment mechanic with a large timber company for many years and told me about a sighting he and his helper had dur.A flash of light streaked across the daytime sky at about the altitude of a jet, but at least 10 times faster.White light streaks across sky and then makes a sharp U-turn.

Orange, red, blue, and white brilliant star object hovering for 5 minute.Bright, multi-colored (mostly green and blue, but some red) flashes across the eastern horizon.The VERY brite lights were in a Diamond shape and hovered for the ten minutes I watched them.Bright silver sphere seen in skies above Sumner, Washington-then disappears.Vied a light that I thought was an aircraft with landing lights on at first. then I noticed no falshing green or red lights, and the li.Pairs of bright amber lights over Portland moving in formation.One very bright light in the center of the big dipper observed from theSouthHill overlooking the skyline.

Two orange sun dogs near horizon seen from Edmonds looking west.One large bright hovering twinkling light that separated into three dimmer lights that twinkle and then extinguished one by one.I saw some small bright lights that made an elongated diamond shape and then they each blinked out one by one.It did not move and remained there for 20 minutes then dissapppeared.Tonight, in SW Washington, a very bright orange light was moving in a northerly direction, apparently crossing the Columbia River and p.Two five-second bursts of multi-color lights accompanied by unusual mechanical sounds.

Last year coming back from Oregon my buddy and I observed a large light in the distance.Large orange illuminated sphere groming in size,stationary, just above treeline next to roadway.Saw a Circular Floursecent Green Object Hover and Disappear near Poulsbo.At first I thought they were stars but then I realized they were moving following one bigger.Watched one bright speeding light go across the sky, head towards the moon, and was met by another bright speeding light and they cross.In total five objects in flight four small possibly air plain size other one large seemed to hover with flashing lights.A huge triangularly shaped silent object that blotted out 25 degrees of the sky, lighted by four glowing points.LUNAR ECLIPSE 02-20-2008, V shaped object, very large, Puyallup in Western Washington.

Red and orange fireball shaped craft moving south in a smooth fast manner.Large black insect-shaped craft hovering above the city of Tacoma, Wa.Noticed two illuminated objects high in the South East part of the sky, one was stationary the other moved towards it and positioned it.Fast up n down sideways rays comming out of them joining together as one.

This appeared to be a very large object, traveling at great speed, with no sound.Dominating red light seen twice, then 8 more white, yellow, and orange colored lights were moving in formations, then each disappeared.There were three objects flying in triangular formation at satellite altitude and light intensity.Fireball flash over Seattle. ((NUFORC Note: Report of probable meteor over Seattle.Red light over Lynnwood, Washington during Perseid meteor shower.White lights to form a triangular shape with two red lights in the center floating low over a city block.

I was skating in lakeland WA, at the community center, and I put my camera on the ground to film, it was tilting facing up towards a st.Surveillance, 09/2014 to 11/2014 Owl Club Casino – Spokane Valley, WA. Watched surveillance cameras to ensure procedures were properly followed.White orb hovering slowly transitioning from white to red in color.Entire sky lit up with two seperate flashes near Longview Washington.Red and green lights flashing, while hovering and moving, then stopping.

I just took my dog out for his last bathroom run when ai noticed a light that a.We saw ten small lights that ended up forming a triangle that stayed in the sky for ten minutes than just left.